Highly Efficient Automated Processes

Who are we?

We are a technology company that provides solutions which create value through highly efficient automated processes. The company is organized into three broad groups: software, design and capital.

Software. Our software development specialists develop new solutions or optimize existing systems to automate operational processes. We focus on solutions that can be developed to create Resiliency, Impact, Value, Efficiency, and Trust (RIVET).

Design. We believe that connecting people to our technology by designing easy-to-read pages and interfaces for fast information absorption. We believe that engaging people with our technology through smart design is the foundation for systemic improvement of our technologies.

Capital. We specialize in develop and trade using automated capital systems. We also provide customized solutions to brokerage front office systems, algorithmic trading, program trading, arbitrage, ticker plants, order matching, compliance, risk management, exchange-based trading platforms, portfolio management, quantitative analysis, order book, clearing and settlement, back-testing and other areas in the capital industry.

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